Our Philosophy



Once you start to open your eyes and focus on the things close to you there is actually no way that you can overlook or still turn a blind eye on the life of the animals living on the streets of Bangkok. The great pain and suffering is just too much to ignore and sooner or later you get involved. No matter how much you are ready to invest it will quickly come to you that there is no end to this suffering and very soon you'll get this helpless and depressing feeling that your work will never make a difference.


But there are many little things in our life which over time can add up and as such can make a difference. Even more important might be the idea that it makes a tremendous difference if you can change one life at a time even if this is only for a short time. Indifference on the other hand appears to be the least effective way to change anything in this world and what can be more rewarding than a life which was turned to the better. Every life has a value!


We believe that all animals who are born a stray or who were dumped from a home have a natural right to return to a dignified and protected life. We are not discouraged by the fact that every day new animals are dumped on the streets but try to help wherever this help is needed most. Although we can not change the course of life and we can not change the lifespan of a being but we can make this particular life better during the time that is given.


Every living soul is here for a reason and has to make his own experience in this world. We can help to make this a good experience and to fulfill the life of these poor souls.



Our little Hope taught us that no effort is in vain, no minute and no hour is wasted as long as we give our love to other beings. It is all well received and whatever reason all this may have: only the love of life and the respect for all living souls can heal the wounds of the endless torture and pain.


This is why we dedicated our love, time and money to our friends. We do not see them as cats or dogs but as friends and souls who go along the same path of life as we do. We have assumed our responsibility and we try to do the best to help, support and comfort. More than this we intend to give the animals the everlasting feeling that their life is appreciated and that they are important.


If only we could help more.




Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok