The Story of Nicky



My name is Nicky and I died in the early morning hours of March 9, 2004. For many years I suffered from pancreatic insufficiency and some problems with my liver but at the end I had a chance to go quietly and without pain or suffering. Since Thomas and Paporn still keep me in their hearts and also placed my ashes next to my picture in a cupboard of the Khlongdogs house I take the liberty to consider myself still a full member of the gang. After all they once called me the mother of all Khlongdogs and in a way this is true.


I actually was born in China and spent my early puppy days with a farmer who raised dogs for the People's Liberation Army. However, my brothers and sisters quickly were given a home in other places but I was left and it turned out that no one really wanted me. So, the farmer somehow considered me kind of useless and was all too happy to sell me for a cheap price to those two foreigners who came by one sunny Sunday afternoon. Dirty as I was we then drove back to Beijing and I found my new home in the middle of the city with these two humans.


There was something special between me and my new friends which I can now see as a deep and lasting friendship. Therefore it came at no surprise that they booked me a flight to Bangkok when they decided to move to Thailand. We stayed together all these years and I must say that I had a comfortable and pretty good life. Very soon after our arrival in Bangkok new friends came along and together we formed what will later be known as Khlongdogs. There was Joey and Paula who joined the club first and later Mona and Lisa came to make the crowd even bigger. In a way I am sorry that I did not have the chance to meet all the others who came after my departure but I am certainly proud of being a part of the idea.


I never was a street dog and I am grateful for that but I could tell you stories about the life on the streets of Bangkok - but I better leave that to my friends who experienced this hardship first hand. I still talk to all of the members of the Khlongdogs team and after all: I am only outside looking in! When I see what became of Khlongdogs over all these years and how much effort there is to provide a decent and especially honorable life to those who cannot help themselves - I can certainly feel that love is the driving force. Maybe, only maybe, it was also the love I gave to Paporn and Thomas, all the little kisses and the many things I felt deep in my heart that makes them going. When I see all the animals now in Khlongdogs it makes me feel good about myself and I know that there is hope for everyone of us.


In Khlongdogs we can be what we are. This is not a shelter but a place to be and a place to enjoy life without hardship, cruelty and fear. There should be more places like this because we are all God's creatures and we all deserve peace and happiness - trust me: I know what I am talking about!




Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok