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Klose succumbed to renal failure



Klose after many months of home care suddenly faced a serious attack with seizures and had to be admitted to the hospital. The initial treatment showed some improvement and it was expected that she will come back home within several days when she unexpectedly died in the morning hours. She had no seizures but [just gave up silently. [more]


Doi succumbed to renal failure



This morning at 5:45 hours our beloved friend Doi of Khlongdogs made her last breath and finally succumbed to her kidney failure. She was not alone and she will always have her place here at Khlongdogs. [more]


Klose has acute renal failure



Klose was admitted to the hospital with clear signs of acute renal failure and received emergency treatment. She improved and is now under home care. [more]


Aommy has a serious Bladder Infection



Aommy was admitted to the hospital after showing signs of a serious bladder infection with blood in his urine. Due to complications he is still under treatment. [more]