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We regularly tour our region of Bangkok and look for animals in need providing them with fresh water and food suitable for their nutrition needs. We already have our regular customers who are living in the vicinity of our neighborhood and who depend on food and water every day. We also provide animal food donations to other people who care for street animals and cannot afford to pay for it.


We identify dogs and cats who are seriously ill, became victims of an accident or were injured during an attack. We arrange professional medical care for them bringing a vet to the place where the animal lives or transport the animal to a shelter or animal hospital.


We adopt animals and care for them in our home.

We also encourage others to adopt animals.


We select animals to be admitted to a vet for spaying since this is the only real measure to reduce the number of street animals in Bangkok.


We are a private project and we pay for all expenses with our own funds. Any donation will be directed exclusively to the benefit of the street animals in Bangkok.


Please help us with your contribution to continue our work and contact us for further information about us, our work, the situation of the animals in need and how you can make a difference.


Please contact us:


Paporn Jäkel                      paporn@khlongdogs.com


Thomas H. Jäkel                thomas@khlongdogs.com



Khlongdogs is a purely voluntary private project of Paporn and Thomas Jäkel. No funding is received from any source other than by donations from individuals. To sustain the level of Khlongdogs' activity, and to improve the lives of street dogs and cats, it is necessary to obtain more funding, sponsorships or donations.





Khlongdogs - Helping Dogs and Cats living in the Streets of Bangkok